For over 10 years, we have been working on distributing solar power in Germany and Europe. Our impetus is this: do something meaningful, and then enjoy economising sustainably.
There is a lot that must be done - we focussed on the subject of regenerative energy supply a long time ago. Why is it important to us? Quite simply: the prosperity of us all depends on food and water, knowledge and ideas, raw materials and: ENERGY. By using energy, food, water and raw materials can be produced considerably more efficiently. It is the source of our prosperity. We want to preserve this for us all in the long term.

60,000-80,000 megawatts for Germany

There are at least three sectors which are sustainable and practical in the field of energy: energy production from wind and sun and energy efficiency measures. In this respect, we have concentrated on the planning, construction, financing and operation of solar power stations. Germany alone has a meaningful potential for solar energy production of 60,000-80,000 megawatts. There is still a considerable amount to do.

So that we achieve our objective, we would like to install as much energy output as possible and like to work with partners on a professional basis for this reason.

The best thing about solar energy production is that you all benefit from it:

  • The solar operators through solar energy production and their personal consumption,
  • Society through long-term, self-sufficient and more cost-effective energy production,
  • The environment through reduced CO2 emissions and, as a result,
  • Our future generations.

At the end of any discussion, there is just one question: “Do we have an alternative?

In the first 10 years of our existence, we had to smooth out many obstacles so that no customers are “left standing in the shadows”. This pleases and motivates us to carry on in this manner.

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Why are we the “solar community”? As operators of large and small solar plants and solar farms in Germany and Europe, the company successfully accomplishes a huge range of different tasks and specialist fields...

Managing directors

This is where you will find the managing directors of the three different TAUBER-SOLAR groups of companies.

Mission statement

Nationwide, the district town of Tauberbischofsheim with its almost 13,000 inhabitants was previously better known by the Olympic grounds for fencing. But in the meantime, it is now also making a name for itself as a solar town with TAUBER-SOLAR. 


With its partners and friends TAUBER-SOLAR is a strong and successful community. With their know-how and expertise on a variety of business areas, they complement the expertise and the progress of TAUBER-SOLAR...

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