Why are we the “solar community”?

As operators of large and small solar plants and solar farms in Germany and Europe, the company successfully accomplishes a huge range of different tasks and specialist fields. From the administration, project planning and development through to technical support and customer service, our fields of duties are extremely diverse and specific. The different fields of duties and specialist areas are concentrated into individual groups of companies and organisations for this among other reasons. This creates a taut organisation, “short channels” and the opportunity to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner within the company.

Here is a brief overview of the groups of companies which are responsible for the fields of: customer service, investment, technology, service and maintenance - and consequently for the successful operation of a solar power station.

The solar community at a glance:


TAUBER-SOLAR Management GmbH ensures smooth processing and undertakes:
  • The support of investors & joint venturers
  • The management of the TAUBER-SOLAR Group
  • Consultation & sales
  • The acquisition of rooftops and open spaces
  • The design of solar power stations

TAUBER-SOLAR Servicezentrum

The Servicezentrum TAUBER-SOLAR GmbH guarantees on-going functionality and above-average output of your solar system through:

  • Maintenance & monitoring
  • Compilation of expert reports
  • Retrofit solutions
  • Production of measurement reports
  • Analysis of faults & the taking of measures to rectify faults

TAUBER-SOLAR Energietechnik

TAUBER-SOLAR Energietechnik offers individual solar power stations for your home with solutions for personal consumption:
  • Planning, design and construction
  • Installation of solar power stations on private, commercial and industrial land
  • Installation of state-of-the-art storage solutions for flexible use of power
  • Secure and effective project management
Customer service

Whatever you have on your mind, we are here to help you. Contact us at:

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